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Stavanger Marathon

Age limits

All age limits are based on the calendar year.

To run 5 km or a marathon relay, you must turn 10 during the year.
You must be 15 years old to run a half marathon, and 18 years old to run a marathon.

The children’s race is from 0-9 years.

Children’s race: 0-9 years

5 km: 10 years

21 km: 15 years

42 km: 18 years

Relay: 10 years

Stavanger Marathon

What does it cost to participate?

Full marathon

NOK 550 from 1-7 February
NOK 630 until April
NOK 730 until June
NOK 830 until race day

Half marathon

NOK 440 from 1-7 February

NOK 520 through April

NOK 620 through June

NOK 720 through race day

Half price for those aged 15-24 (born 2000-2009)

Marathon relay; 10 stages

NOK 3000 through 18 August


5 KM

NOK 220 1-7 februar

NOK 260 through April

NOK 310 through June

NOK 370 through race day

Half price for those aged 10-19 (born 2005-2014)

Children's run

NOK 75 through 29 August

NOK 125 through 31 August

NFIF License

Norwegian Athletics Federation License

Everyone who participates must have a license!

Those who have bought a year-round license through an athletics club in Norway do not need to buy a one-off licence. Nor those born in 2011 or later. All others must purchase a one-time license. The price of this varies between NOK 30 and 50. If an injury occurs during the race, treatment will be covered.

Read more about license


Support our charity

Friends of the Warming Room

If you, as a participant, want to support a charitable organization when you register, then it is Varmestuens Venner that you can support with us this year. At Varmestuen, drug addicts receive a welcome low-threshold offer, and they are financed by private donors.

Read more about Friends of the Warming Room


Stavanger Marathon

We are sold out for this year’s t-shirt!

Our t-shirts are unique with their athletics-inspired lines and soft colours. You can either buy it when you register, or via ” My page “. The remaining stock will be sold at the starting number distribution.

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Register for this year's race.

Here you can register yourself, a friend or family. Choose between the distances children’s race, 5 km, half marathon, marathon and the marathon relay. For companies that want to manage a team and have an invoice sent, you can choose the Company registration.

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Self-service participant

My page

If you wish to change any information, you can log in to “My page” with your username and password. You were sent these as an e-mail after registration from Onreg / Stavanger Marathon. Check all inboxes, including the one for spam if you can’t find it.

If you want to run a shorter distance than the one you are registered for, select “EDIT”. If you want to run a longer distance, select the “TRANSFER REGISTRATION / GO UP A DISTANCE” button. You will then be assigned a discount code for the amount you have actually paid, which will be used for your new registration.

If you can’t run yourself, you can transfer your start number for the distance to another in this way: Give the new participant your username and password and a link for logging in, so that the person can change the data.

For those with half price 5 km and half price half marathon, these can only be transferred to those in the same age group. For others, you must select “TRANSFER REGISTRATION”, where you will then receive a discount code that can be used for a new registration.

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