Participant information

Hotel agreement

Unfortunately, due to the Utopia music festival and major conferences, we are unable to offer discounted hotel rooms this year. It can be a good idea to book a hotel room well in advance of race day.

Start number distribution

The start number distribution will this year take place at Clarion Hotel Stavanger, meeting room Aroma, 3. floor.
Opening hours will be Friday August 30 at. 12:30-19:30 and Saturday August 31 at 06:45-14:30.


We encourage our participants to cycle or walk to the center on race day. If you drive a car, we recommend that you park in P-Jernbanen or P-St. Olav. For those who will take part in the 5 km, it is perfect to take the train to Mariero station where the start is.

Start / finish area (area map)

Start time Maximum time
Marathon 08:30 am 6 hours
Marathon relay 08:30 am 4 hours and 45 minutes
Half marathon 09:15 am 3 hours and 30 minutes
5 km 01:35 pm 53 minutes
Children’s race 02:45 pm 0-9 years (440 meters)

The Stavanger Marathon has its start and finish in the square outside Stavanger Cathedral. 5 km has a meeting point at Mariero Station.

There will be a luggage tent for men in Haakon 7s gate. The baggage tent for women is located in Kongsgårdbakken. Toilets can be found down on the gravel towards Breiavatnet.

5 km at Mariero Station will have its own toilets. The luggage is delivered to a van, which transports them to the city centre.

The starts: Time / schedule

5 km has a meeting point on the cycle path by Gandsfjorden opposite Mariero station. Otherwise, all the starts are below Stavanger Cathedral / Kongsgård. For the children’s race, you line up according to age, with the oldest starting first. Otherwise, you line up according to your own expected finishing time.

Finish line (incl. food / drink, prizes)

All finish lines are in the city centre, outside Stavanger Cathedral / Kongsgård. It is planned that you can stand and cheer the participants on towards the finish line, so feel free to bring a Norwegian flag and join in and create an atmosphere.
At the finish line, water, Coke, Chocolate Chip and banana are offered.

Award ceremony

At the finish you get a great medal.
This year’s motif is of the music pavilion, which we run past in Byparken at the end of the race.
Just before the end of the finish line, those who have run 5, 10, 15 or 20 times can be awarded a medal of honour.
The first 3 finishers in the marathon, half-marathon and 5 km distances receive NOK 6, NOK 4 and NOK 2,000 respectively. The winners of the marathon relay will have the opportunity to choose the volunteer organization to which they will donate NOK 6,000.
The best teenager in the 5 km and the best U23 (15-22 years) in the half marathon will receive a prize of NOK 3,000.
If you set a new course record, you get NOK 4,000.
The awards ceremony is at 11:30 for the half marathon, 12:30 for the marathon and marathon relay and 14:55 for the 5 km.


You can shower for free in Stavanger Svømmehall after the race. Ask for wristbands in the hatch.

Frequently asked questions

All age limits are based on the calendar year.

To run 5 km or a marathon relay, you must turn 10 during the year.
You must be 15 years old to run a half marathon, and 18 years old to run a marathon.

The children’s race is from 0-10 years.

Age limits (calendar year)

Children’s race: 0-10 years
5 km: 10 years
21 km: 15 years
42 km: 18 years
Relay: 12 years

Those who have bought a year-round license through an athletics club in Norway do not need to buy a one-off licence. Nor those born in 2011 or later. All others must purchase a one-time license. The price of this varies between NOK 30 and 50. If an injury occurs during the race, you will then be able to get treatment covered, see here .

We will use an image recognition service called Pica. It works in such a way that there will be separate symbols on each side of your start number. By creating a separate profile on, and use your assigned code, then you can access the photos that have actually been taken by you. Feel free to also allow face recognition, then the chance that the pictures of you will be recognized increases. You can share the photos you select on social media in a simple way. You can find an illustration of the process here .
The various albums will be posted on the race’s Facebook page during the day after the race day. For the Pica photos, most likely some photos will be uploaded on race day, while the rest will be uploaded the following day. Eventually, all the pictures will also appear Flickr .

Pre-registered participants who have to withdraw from the start will not be refunded the entry fee paid.

If you want to reduce the distance, log in to “MY PAGE” and select “EDIT”.

If you can’t run yourself, you can transfer your start number for the distance to someone else in this way: Give the new participant your username and password. He/she logs in here and changes all information.

These are only transferred to those in the same age group. If the person is to take over, you must select “ENTRY”, where you will then receive a discount code that can be used for new registration.